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February 13, 2008



I am a larger user of Mot Canopy and totally disagree. It has never been stronger, the future brighter or supported better. I don't know you or your writing at all, but it appears to be an alvarion shill site.

Steve Stroh


You have me dead to rights. Absolutely WISPNews is one of those infamous "Alvarion Shill Sites"...
and Canopy Shill sites...
and Trango Shill sites...
and Proxim Shill sites...
and Redline Shill sites...
and Tranzeo Shill sites...

All of that... and none of that. I'm an Independent Technology Writer with long experience (see covering the WISP industry since its very early days. I call them as I see them, and what I'm seeing... and hearing... about Canopy and Motorola isn't too encouraging at the moment.

Your mileage may vary... especially as a vendor of products specifically for Canopy... which you chose not to disclose in your comment.




Thanks for the useful writeup Steve!

I had looked at Alvarion gear before but I wasn't very impressed after seeing a few of their products that did the "cheap Atheros radio plus custom firmware = 5x the price" trick. There's way too much generic-quality equipment of that kind already; also Trango has almost cornered that market. If Alvarion gets solidly into WiMAX it'll be good competition to Canopy.

Also, at Animal Farm last month, the Motorola VP(products?) seemed to indicate that Canopy's financial results impressed some higher-ups, so I doubt they'll be getting rid of it or cutting it down.

Mark Howard

I attended the webinar as well and came away very impressed with Alvarion's commitment to smaller WISPs. As someone just starting out I'm glad to see a rather large, established company insisting, in words and actions, they will continue to support small operators.

In my part of the country (New Hampshire) I'm pretty much forced to use the 900 gear if I want to reach customers. Alvarion's new, 900 VL, gear should go a long way to improving my options. The ability to trade-in the old gear for the new 900 gear is really icing on the cake.

I'll end by mentioning I've taken their training and walked away very pleased. Overall, they sure get my vote as a company I want to do business with.

Justin Wilson

I am encouraged to see that Alvarion has taken an interest in the "small WISP". They seem genuinely interested in helping those out their that don't have pockets lined with Gold.

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