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    From 2008 - 2015, I took a hiatus from writing about BWIA, but my interest in BWIA did not wane. From 2016 - 2020 I worked to resume writing full time.

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February 26, 2007


 Liz Neal

Maybe you should check with Keyon customers before you print an article. Most everyone I know hates Microlnk which was purchased by Speednet which is owned by Keyon. It has been a nightmare, especailly the past 9 months. My husband is disabled and I have attempted to try and do some work from home. Most of the time the service was unavailable. It takes hours to get help. Tech support people don't show up and when they do, the problem is the same next week I have lost clients and several thousand dollars because of them. They took two months premium out of my account in June after I cancelled my service and then again took out the payment in July. I even had the sales VP for this area call to see why I was cancelling and they still took the payments out.
This is the poorest quality of any company of any type I have dealt with. How much are they paying you for your articles?

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